Mushna Aviation Consultancy (Pvt. Ltd.)

Mushna Aviation Consultancy (Pvt. Ltd.) is a pioneer organization in Pakistan which offers aviation consultancy for students who aim to join general aviation as pilots, cabin crew, and air technicians with an international experience and international certification.


Basic Aviation Knowledge Classes

We at Mushna Aviation have a dedicated team of professionals who will equip our future pilots with the basics of aviation subjects. These classes will cover the movement of aircraft, parts of an aircraft and the phonetic alphabets.

Aviation English Language Classes

In these classes, our expert teachers provide insights into the world of aviation to our future pilots and impart an understanding of some of its terminologies whilst improving their general English language.

Visa Application for FTOs

With our affiliate Flight Training Organizations (FTOs) Mushna Aviation Consultants will facilitate your visa process. This will save you time and help you concentrate on your process of learning about your future career in Aviation.

ICAO/EASA/FAA International Certification

These three main bodies of aviation certification are regionally situated. Our future pilots can choose whichever region they want to get certified from or even choose multiple simultaneously.

Integrated ATPL Course

This program is an ab-initio course addressed to all those future pilots that wish to obtain the CPL (Commercial Pilot License) with the ME-IR (Multi-Engine Instrument Rating) along with the theoretical knowledge required for an ATPL license (commonly called a Frozen ATPL).

International Partnerships

Mushna Aviation Consultancy (Pvt. Ltd.) specializes in building and maintaining international partnerships with credible flying academies in Asia, Europe and the United States.