MALDIVES : AAA- Asian Academy of Aeronautics

Founded in 1991, AAA has steadily grown to become the largest flight training academy in South Asia. Through efficient, highly focused training towards commercial pilot certification, AAA prepares men and women for professional pilot careers with airlines, corporate flight departments, air charter companies and flight schools.


The minimum qualification that an airline would require from a prospective First Officer is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Commercial Pilot Licence with a ‘Frozen’ ATPL. The Maldivian Licence complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), can normally be exercised globally and can easily be converted to the equivalent of another country.

Our flagship course takes students with little or no previous flying experience to a ‘frozen ATPL’ in approximately 16 months, from where they are then eligible to work as a First Officer with an airline once specific aircraft type training has been completed. The course includes a Commercial Pilots License with Multi Engine Rating and Instrument Rating. The license is endorsed with Frozen ATPL status as the student has completed an Integrated Frozen ATPL course. You will fly 190 hours, with the majority being in single engine aircraft.

A ‘Frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence is the name given to the qualification of a pilot who holds a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi Engine Piston Rating (MEP), Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME IR) and passes in all 14 Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) theoretical exams.

The ATPL would become un-frozen when the flight experience requirements are met. The experience would normally be achieved during employment as a first officer. The integrated route involves a full-time course of study, generally lasting around 14-18 months. This takes a student from complete beginner to a position where they are ready to take up a role as a pilot ready to work for the airlines. The main advantage is that a student enters an intense course of study within a dedicated and well-equipped training facility, surrounded by like-minded students and often with links to leading airlines.

The ATPL ground exams – for many, the most demanding part of the training. You will need to pass 14 exams covering subjects such as navigation, flight planning and aviation law.

Instrument Rating – the most demanding of the flying skills, flying solely with reference to the aeroplane’s instruments.

Flight training – This is the most interesting part and in Gan, Maldives you can get a very good flying experience, unlike other airstrips here you get to fly with other international jets. Since from the recent past the Gan airport has become an international Airport.

Multi-engine rating - In the same way, you need different classes of license to operate cars, heavy trucks, and motorcycles, special ‘Type Ratings’ are required to operate different ‘types’ of aircraft – including multi-engine aircraft.

Night Qualification - your first additional qualification, allowing you to fly, as you would expect, at night.

With all of this successfully completed, you’ll have what is known as a Frozen ATPL. The ‘frozen’ part refers to the fact that you’ve passed the required theory part of the Airline Transport Pilots Licence; to ‘unfreeze’ it you’ll need to have a total of 1,500 hours flying time logged.

To Enrol For CPL You Need:

1. Passport Copy
2. High School Results (Intermediate/ A-Levels, or any other equivalent school certificate showing passes in English and Maths)
3. CV
4. Complete our enrollment form