Cabin Crew Training

Take advantage of the large number of opportunities that the market offers at this time and get ready to obtain the Official Crew Certificate of Passenger Cabin or TCP . The Flight Assistant Course is commonly known by the profession of flight attendant.

If you pass this training, you can choose to work in a growing sector. You will access a profession with professional promotion facility that will enrich you both culturally and personally. You will also break the monotony with a little routine work in which you will live a thousand and one experiences. And you will enjoy the labor flexibility to continue training.

Structure of the flight attendant course:

Spanish language course (460h)
Cabin crew course regulated by AESA (145h)
All training manuals for Cabin crew course and Spanish course
All AESA fees
Both theoretical training and practical training are based on the AESA guidelines for obtaining the certificate.

The theoretical part of the Flight Assistant Course:

General knowledge of aviation.
Aeronautical authorities and regulations.
Psychology applied to aviation and teamwork.
Specific procedures for a flight attendant, assistance to passengers and surveillance in the cabin.
Aeronautical medicine and first aid.
Dangerous goods
Security in aviation.
Training in firefighting.

Flight Assistant Practices:

Plane simulator, emergency procedures.
Medical and emergency actions.
Fight against fire.
Survival techniques in water and hostile media.

The Spanish language course is especially designed for candidates to attain Job Interviews after course completion.

In addition to these subjects required by AESA, the course is complemented with:

Training in the school flight simulator.
Advice on personal image necessary for the profession.
English level test.
Guidance and labor monitoring.
Book of photos needed for the curriculum.
Custom uniform.
Aeronautical English.
Teaching material needed.
Welcome pack.

Official Certification of TCP issued by AESA

Once you have passed the Flight Assistant Course and the official examination of the State Aviation Safety Agency, you will obtain the Official TCP Certificate issued by AESA and that is valid in any member country of the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA (European Union).

This means that we want to guarantee that you are fully prepared so that you can obtain certification. And not only that, but your preparation will help you to choose the jobs of the airlines that you prefer. That is why, in addition to imparting knowledge, we will also put at your disposal the most effective means. For example, you will have at your disposal the best flight simulators to practice as much as you need.