Multi Engine Rating (MER)

The multi engine rating program adds multi engine privileges to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot License. If you wish to join an airline, the MER is an essential part of your training. The basic rating provides 8 hours of flight training. Upon completion of the ground school and flight training, the candidate must pass a written exam, achieving 75% or greater and a practical skills test with a flight examiner.

If you wish to obtain a Multi Engine Instrument Rating, the MER skills test can be completed after the IR training, to allow you to gain more experience in handling the aircraft. This will require another 6 hours of training (over and above the MER), which will cover the use of instruments on the multi engine aircraft. Additionally, you have to fly 10 hours on the Multi Engine Simulator – Elite FNPT II.

All checklists, and aircraft related information will be included in the Piper Seneca POH (pilots operating handbook) which will be made available at the flight training center.