Becoming a Pilot

Wanting to become a pilot is a dream that many of us have had as children, but, seeing planes in the sky and wanting to fly is a soaring dream for many. The reason why many of us never realize our dreams of flying is due to a lack of information and resources available about the aviation industry. We, at Mushna Aviation have devised an easy step by step process for you to understand. For further details you can come to us for a free consultancy where you will be guided by our expert consultants.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps you’ll take to reach your goal of becoming a commercial pilot.

  • 1. Are you eligible? Private pilot requirements and beyond
  • 2. Training options for ground training and flight school
  • 3. Choosing a flight school
  • 4. Should you train for PPL, CPL Or ATPL?
  • 5. Getting your aviation medical certificate and student pilot license
  • 6. Applying for flight school
  • 7. For International Students:
  • - Apply for a visa for the international flight school you choose
  • - Show proof of health or accident insurance
  • - Show proof of funds for flight training and living expenses
  • 8. Register and submit background information through Mushna Aviation
  • 9. Get your International pilot license
  • 10. Building hours and experience
  • 11. Your professional pilot career: Getting a job to build flying hours

At Mushna Aviation, we take you through all these steps with ease and experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can come to us for a free consultancy and understand the process, we work to get you the admission at one of our FTOs and you are off to your flying lessons. Additionally, we provide accommodation for students in the country of their Flight Training Organization.